Maple Leaf Hop Up Bucking for KWA GBB 75'

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- Slightly narrow entrance for better sealing to achieve more consistent power output.
- Special pressure point geometry greatly improves hop up performance and dramatically increases accuracy.
- Suitable for KSC M4A1 / KWA Magpul LM4 with 2012 New Chamber
- This hop up rubber is meant for KWA GBBs shooting at over 100 m/s

NOTE: Due to special pressure point geometry, this product is optimized for use with inner
barrels with open type hop up slot.

Known Compatible Gun List:
KSC M4A1 / KWA Magpul LM4 with 2012 New Chamber
KSC Black Lagoon            
KSC CZ 75 2nd - SYSTEM 7            
KSC G23F             
KSC G34C             
KSC HK MP7-A1             
KSC M8000 COUGER F Dual Tone            
KSC M93R            
KSC M945             
KSC MK23             
KSC MP9             
KSC New Cz75             
KSC SIG SAUER P230             
KSC SIG SP2022M             
KSC SIG SUAER P226R            
KSC SP2022            
KSC STI EAGLE 5.1             
KSC STI EAGLE 5.5            
KSC STI FALCON 3.9 Inch             
KSC STI NIGHT HAWK 4.3            
KSC STI STRIKE GUN             
KSC TP9             
KSC US M9             
KSC USP .45             
KSC USP