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The KWA LM4 PTS is a special edition LM4 that has been fully licensed by Magpul PTS, one of the leading manufacturers of accessories for training rifles. A specially designed lower receiver features a fully embossed Magpul Logo and an integrated enhanced trigger guard for better accommodation when using gloves. All the furniture on the LM4 have been replaced with Magpul MOE counterparts. This includes the MOE handguard, MOE pistol grip, and the MOE stock. A Magpul MBUS rear sight has replaced the original M4 Style carry handle and a gas PMAG has also been included to further complete the Magpul package. The KWA LM4 PTS is a excellent training tool for those individuals who preferred the Magpul design and philosophy.




Caliber 6mm  
Magazine Capacity 38 rounds  
Gas System Force Velocity [FV]  
Propellant Green Gas  

Dim. / Wt

Inner Barrel Diameter:
Inner Barrel Length:
Outer Barrel Length:
Overall Length (Retracted):
Overall Length (Extended):

6.05 mm
370 mm
36.83 cm [14.5"]
78.6 cm [30.5"]
87.0 cm [34.25"]
2.65 kg [5.84 lbs]

Performance Rate of fire:
Energy Output with 0.20g BB:
13+ RPS
110-116 MPS [360-380 FPS]
1.20 Joules
Special Features
  • Gas operated recoil blow back
  • Realistic construction & field stripping
  • Full metal alloy flat top receiver
  • Full metal alloy
  • Magpul PTS lower receiver
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Bolt catch and release
  • Magpul PTS MOE hand guard
  • Magpul PTS MOE stock with recoil pad
  • Magpul PTS MOE grip with storage compartment
  • Magpul PTS MBUS rear sight
  • Magpul PTS LM4 PMAG
  • Semi-automatic & automatic select-fire