Black Talon Concepts Spectre FET For V2 Gearbox

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Advanced Technology ◾Can handle power surges up to 9000 watts and even run on car batteries!
◾Fully computerized and driven by a high speed PIC18F14K22 microprocessor.
◾Multiple internal layers of heavy copper traces for greater current capacity.
◾Short circuit detection and voltage spike suppression circuits to protect the controller.
◾Smart thermal management allows the controller to remain cool under sustained firing.

MOSFET Trigger ◾Eliminates damaging electrical arcing of the trigger switch contacts.
◾Lower resistance compared to mechanical switching, increasing motor current.
◾Driven by dual IRF671812PBF, a compact yet powerful next-gen MOSFET!

Dynamic Braking ◾Eliminates the motor spin-down time to prevent the piston from over-traveling.
◾Assists in keeping the piston properly reset to reduce stress on the gearbox.
◾Prevents double firing on semi-fire in extremely high RoF setups.
◾Also driven by dual IRF671812PBF MOSFETs!

Cycle Completion ◾Gearbox always completes the last cycle regardless of when the trigger is released.
◾Assists in keeping the piston properly reset to reduce stress on the gearbox.
◾The motor will always have the smoothest and most consistent startup.
◾Allows the anti-reversal latch to be removed.

Fully Configurable Fire Select ◾Both selector positions can be individually configured.
◾Available options for each selector position:
◾Semi fire
◾Auto fire
◾2 round burst
◾3 round burst
◾4 round burst
◾5 round burst
◾Semi with ramping
◾Burst-auto hybrid
◾"Semi w/ Ramping" fires in semi and switches to full auto if the trigger is rapidly tapped.
◾"Burst-auto hybrid" fires in burst and switches to full auto if the trigger remains held down.
◾Can convert any AEG to semi-only by having both selector positions set to semi fire.

Adjustable Precocking ◾Precocking stops the piston in a compressed state so the next shot is near-instantaneous.
◾The precocking is fully adjustable and thus also compatible with short-stroked pistons.
◾Offers improved realism and trigger response for sniper or low RoF builds.

Delay-based RoF Control ◾Every cycle runs at full speed and pauses between each shot to reduce the RoF.
◾More power efficient, less heat, more realistic, and better sounding than typical PWM-based RoF control.

LiPo / LiFePO4 Monitoring ◾Monitors LiPo and LiFePO4 batteries to cutoff power before overdischarge occurs.
◾Simply set the number of cells and the controller will use the proper cutoff voltage.

Programmable Digital Fuse ◾Sensor-based current monitoring negates the need for a physical fuse.
◾Cutoff threshold fully adjustable to help protect low-output batteries from over-current damage.

Gearbox Reliability ◾Eliminates the trigger jam normally caused by the cutoff lever stopping at a certain position.
◾The cutoff lever mechanism is no longer needed, greatly reducing the chances of semi-fire related issues.
◾The anti-reversal latch can also be removed to make gearbox reassembly much easier.

Hopup Sensor Compatible ◾Fully compatible with Airsoft System's hopup sensor unit to prevent firing when the mag is empty.