Safety Policies

Safety Policies

This is the most important policy we have. Please obey the law, use common sense and help us keep Airsoft fun and great for everyone.

•Play safe, play responsible and play respectable.

•Eye protections must be worn at ALL time by shooter and all surrounding personnel when operating an Airsoft gun.

•Brandishing is illegal. Airsoft guns should never be taken out to the public or school.

•Prior to Airsofting in your private backyard or other privately owned properties, be sure to notify your neighbor that they are Airsoft. Also, make sure any personnel within 200 feet of reachable range have proper eye protections.

Buyer Responsibilities

•Buyer assumes 100% ownership of products purchased from Prime Airsoft Store and related websites.

•Buyer assumes 100% responsibilities and liabilities from using a products purchased.

•Buyer agrees not to alter, modify or remove the orange tip on any Airsoft replica.

•Buyer agrees to wear proper eye safety and ensure that all bystanders have proper eye safety prior to operating an Airsoft replica.

•Buyer will hold Prime Airsoft Store, its staff, employees, and affiliates harmless of all liabilities and legal matters resulting from the purchase.

•Buyer is fully responsible for local law and regulations. (Observation of country, state and city laws is the sole responsibility of the consumer.)

•Buyer agrees that all transactions done on online with Prime Airsoft Store. are sourced in California, where any future disputes will take place.